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The Jerusalem Writers Festival Presents: The Digital Edition


The Eighth International Writers Festival in Jerusalem will take place this year in an unusual format. We invite you to join us for the Festival's first digital edition, which will include four fascinating days of conversations with writers and artists from Israel and abroad, unique workshops, and unconventional meetings. Special emphasis will be placed on technological changes that are transforming the face of society, language, and identity, being a refugee in a world that has closed its borders, the complex relationships of literature with television and cinema, and the impact of all of these on the future of literature.


We call on you to join us in this unique adventure and, most importantly, please continue to support literary work by reading books! Now is the time to embark on the journeys that literature offers us, journeys to myriad possibilities and realities.


The following authors from abroad will take part alongside a long list of Israeli authors: Nicole Krauss (USA), Leonie Swann (Germany), Matthew Weiner (USA), Gaël Faye (France/Rwanda), Tom Perrotta (USA), Michael Pollan (USA), and Marco Balzano (Italy).



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