Rear Window: Presented by Giovanna Giordano Rear window Images courtesy of Park Circus Universal

Rear Window: Presented by Giovanna Giordano

In collaboration with the Jerusalem Cinematheque   and with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture in Israel 

Tuesday 17.5
Cinematheque, Jerusalem

The Writers Festival at the Cinematheque

Dir.: Alfred Hitchcock

W.: James Stewart, Grace Kelly

112 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles


Jefferies, an adventurous press photographer who has broken his leg and remains confined to a wheelchair, spends his time obsessively peeking into his neighbors' home. Gradually he begins to suspect that a murder has taken place there and he is willing to do anything to confirm his suspicions, including endangering his loved ones. The film is considered one of Hitchcock’s most notable works and one of the most outstanding examples of classic cinema in general.


Italian author Giovanna Giordano, nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, will present the film and talk about how, when she first watched it as a young woman, she discovered the rational and scientific power of the gaze.


  • Ticket purchase is on the Cinematheque website
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