REMIX: A Special Podcast Project Photos: Ido Izsak, Genady Shkolnik

REMIX: A Special Podcast Project

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Monday 11.5
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Between words and Sounds with Adi Keissar and Ellyott

Adi Keissar, a poet and journalist, and Ellyott, a musician and DJ, present an online recording studio. Those who register for the project were invited to take part in a personal conversation with them during which they read from their own works of prose, poetry, and spoken word. These works were edited, accompanied by sound, and streamed in a podcast anthology. We invite you to listen to the podcast:





List of Literary Works


Part 1

1. Ayelet Tsabari – A passage from the book "The Best Place on Earth"

2. Odelia Vardi – The Heart of the Sea

3. Michal Pitowsky – Behind the Scenes

4. Adi Keissar – On the Knife

5. Jennifer Lang – Fire in my Mind

6. Eshkol Nevo – After Being Released from the Hospital

7. Ran Thaller – Between the Rooms

8. Regev Elharar – Split

9. Shelly Reizis – Ophir, Answer Me


Part 2

1. Dror Mishani – A passage from the book "Three"

2. Dafna Bar-Nes – Out of the Crisis of My Life I Stand Up

3. Danielle Weil – Exposed Nerves

4. Einat Greenberg – Finding the Balance

5. Matan Golzman – Get Used to

6. Shifra Cornfeld – A Meeting with a Writer at a Neighborhood Cafe

7. Liat Nobel-Krauss – A Poem for a Friend

8. Merav Fima – Counting of the Omer

9. Gal Iungman – The End of the World


  • The project is part of the Mishkenot Sha'ananim Residency Program, which also operates in the framework of the International Writers Festival. 
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