Hungry Heart: Eshkol Nevo in Conversation with Sarah Blau

Hungry Heart: Eshkol Nevo in Conversation with Sarah Blau

Thursday 30.5

Guests: Alma Gov and Liron Ben Shlush

Among Israel’s most beloved and regarded writers, Eshkol Nevo’s award-winning books have been translated into 14 languages. The New York Times praised his writing as “captivating,” while Corriere della Sera recognized him as one of the most significant writers of his generation globally. 


His latest book, "Attachments,” is a collection of short stories that sees a man accompanying his father to a final farewell concert; a mother discovering her son has been exposed to something he shouldn’t have seen; a family's escape room adventure taking a surprising turn; a woman’s chance encounter at a Jerusalem protest, and more. Each story delves into the heart’s conflicting cravings: the allure of danger and adventure alongside the yearning for the safe and the familiar.


Author Sarah Blau will engage Nevo in a discussion about his portrayal of the Israeli familial experience, the interplay between the thrill of the unknown and the comfort of home, and how the war has changed him and possibly his writing.


Actress Liron Ben-Shlush will read selected passages from the book during the evening, and musician Alma Gov will provide musical accompaniment with her songs.


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