Improv-Book Hosts David Grossman!

Improv-Book Hosts David Grossman!

Wednesday 29.5

Featuring: Roei Zadok, Naomi Levov, Alon Neuman and musical accompaniment by Tomer Katz

This special festival production will bring together three of the country’s top improv actors and one master of letters - David Grossman, for an improvisational journey into the literary unknown. Books will be chosen at random, passages selected spontaneously, and stories improvised live on stage. Audience members will enjoy front-row seats to an entire play improvised before their eyes, “broadcast live.” You decide – your choices will guide the performers on a comedic journey filled with colorful characters and captivating scenarios, all created in the moment. Expect funny, moving, and above all, literary. 


  • Tickets can also be purchased at Eventer offices by calling *6627

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