The World According to Irving: John Irving (U.S.) in Conversation with Ari Folman

The World According to Irving: John Irving (U.S.) in Conversation with Ari Folman

Session conducted in English

Tuesday 28.5

Guests: Adi Gilat and Yossi Marshak


*Update Regarding the Event*

“I love Jerusalem and I was very much looking forward to being there for the Jerusalem International Writers Festival. I still plan on coming soon, but my trip will delayed. I am 82 and I have contracted Covid for the second time. My doctor and my family have urged me to be cautious. I’m heartened by the possibility of connecting with my Israeli readers via Zoom.”



Unfortunately, John Irving had to cancel his arrival at the festival. However, the event will

take place in the auditorium as planned with Ari Folman on stage, and Mr Irving will join live via a big screen projection. Actors Yossi Marshak and Adi Gilat will read selected excerpts from his books.

Please note that this is a one-time event and will not be available for viewing from home on a computer.


Acclaimed Canadian writer John Irving is recognized among book lovers and cinema fans alike for his Oscar-winning screenplay adaptation of his novel “The Cider House Rules” and for novels like “The Hotel New Hampshire” and “A Widow for One Year,” which also found their way to the screen. Currently working on a new novel that includes the character of an Israeli female soldier, Irving and award-winning filmmaker Ari Folman will explore the intersections of writing and cinema. The event will also feature actors Adi Gilat and Yossi Marshak reading from Irving’s works.


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