The Story of the Jews: Simon Schama (UK) in Conversation with Nadav Eyal

The Story of the Jews: Simon Schama (UK) in Conversation with Nadav Eyal

Monday 27.5

Session conducted in English

British author and historian renowned for his expertise in art history and French history, Sir Simon Schama is celebrated for his award-winning books translated into numerous languages, and his popular BBC documentary series covering topics from Tolstoy and Shakespeare to American politics and the transformative power of art (an episode that earned him an Emmy). Currently serving as a professor at Columbia University in New York, Schama was also an art critic for The New Yorker.


In his book “The Story of the Jews,” Schama offers a compelling account of Jewish history spanning over 3,000 years from their beginnings as a small tribe to the year 1900 – an epic tale of resilience in the face of destruction, creativity under oppression, joy amidst sorrow, and an unwavering will to live against all odds.


Schama will discuss his extensive historical research and the impact of the events of October 7 on contemporary Jewish history with journalist and author Nadav Eyal.

  Moshe Lion, Mayor of Jerusalem and Shai Doron, president of the Jerusalem Foundat and Dr. Thoman Volk, Director of the Konard Adenauer Foundation in Israel, will deliver opening remarks

This event is part of a three-session series titled “The Impact of War, At Home and Abroad,” held in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Israel and designed to address the challenges in Israel’s relations with the global community in the wake of October 7 and the war against Hamas.


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