We Come to Shatter! Photo: Shahaf Berger, Naomi Maroz, Michael Topyol, Guy Kushi & Yariv Fein

We Come to Shatter!

Tuesday 9.5
21:30 - 23:00
Yael Garden, Mishkenot Sha'ananim cultural centre

Maor Zagury, Yossi Waxman, Leore Dayan, Atara Frish. Moderator: Yael Tal

Every one of us has a book that “ruined their life.” At this event, writers and cultural figures will take the stage and talk about a traumatic experience with a canonical book they read in their youth that impacts them (negatively) to this day. It is an opportunity to slaughter sacred cows and present a new, comic, and startling perspective on the canonical literature we grew up with – because the time has come to settle accounts. Expect a wild evening. Participants include Maor Zagguri, Yossi Waxman, Lior Dayan, and Atara Frisch.

Moderator: Yael Tal



  • Free entry based on availability.
  • Seating is unmarked.
  • Event to take place outdoors; warm dress recommended
  • Entrance to Yael Garden located near the Touro Restaurant, 2 S.A Nakhon Street
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